Why does a remodeling company and it's contractors need to understand restoration?

It makes us smarter!  Training on how fire, water, and mold effect building materials allows us to design the best plan to restore your home.

Educated construction technicians make better decisions which affect the long-term success of a restoration job.

The ancillary benefits of our experience and education make Tartan a better renovator and remodeler in situations not related to restoration jobs.  Restoration and remodeling experience go hand in hand to make us better at all the construction projects we do.

We ensure that all of your restoration needs are completely taken care of. We understand the importance of restoring your home to its pre-damaged state quickly and safely.

Restoring any building after a fire or flood is a big job. Both water, smoke, and fire extinguishing methods often cause hidden damage well beyond the primarily affected areas. We evaluate your specific situation before we start the repair to ensure the best possible restoration of your building.

  • Technology
  • Expertise
  • Quality

We use the latest infrared imaging technology and measurement cameras to find moisture within your home. The camera differentiates various heat levels, which ultimately provides non-contact moisture detection. This enables our specially trained technicians to detect pipe leaks or faulty plumbing, moisture infiltration around seals, gaps in the wall and ceiling insulation cavities and more.

Since the chemistry of fire can contain various complex and severe reactions, every fire requires a unique approach when restoring. We take extra care to ensure that all grease, soot, burns, and potentially hazardous materials are handled and removed properly. 

Repairs are made using the highest quality replacement materials available, we are your one stop restoriation hardware outlet. The correct materials to repair your structure are determined by the extent of the fire damage, financial constraints, and specific project criteria – all discussed and agreed upon during your free initial consultation.

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